{DE & EN} JUST DON’T STOP – my first ever half-marathon

Hätte mir vor 5 Jahren jemand erzählt, dass ich eines Tages einen Halbmarathon laufen würde, hätte ich wohl vor Lachen geheult. ICH? Die früher bei der Handball-Laufrunde jedes versteckte Stücken als Gehpause nutzte? Die beim Ausdauertest in der Schule 40 Minuten in Zeitlupe getippelt bin, hauptsache nicht stehen bleiben, um trotzdem noch ne 1+ zu bekommen? Einmal ums Haus rennen vielleicht, aber ein Halbmarathon? NIEMALS!  Weiterlesen

{DE & EN} the bbg struggle

(scroll down for german version)

Last year there was a big hype going around on instgram – thousands of amazing before and after photos of shredded bodys and under every post there was ‚@kayla_itsines‘ tagged. I bet everyone who just spends a little of his time in the fitness scene of insta heard of it already – the bikini body guide (short: BBG) by the australian, and very good looking, personal trainer Kayla Itsines. I have to admit I fall fast for those kind of hypes, I got my BBG very soon… but I never completed it. Why?  Weiterlesen

{EN} One month HCLF rawtil4!

About one month ago, during my vacation in Lisbon, I read the book „saved by sugar“ by the lovely Tina Grundin (the book is on her website, for free!) and her story amazed me. She’s a HCLF rawtil4 vegan and she inspired me to try the same since I’ve always been struggling with eating enough. Don’t get me wrong, I never had a ‚real‘ ED or starved myself. I ate, just not enough, especially when working out so much.  So, little over one month ago I decided to change. Wanna know how it’s going and what I’ve experienced? Read below 🙂